What is it?

How Design and Technologies Week will benefit your school

This week is your time to showcase the creative, innovative and challenging work that your students have been engaged in.

One of the largest challenges our learning area faces today is it's perception and that is why we hope you immerse your school in all that is Design and Technologies throughout the 14 - 20 of October 2019.

Here’s why! How often have had to explain to a parent or a teaching colleague that we have come a long way from focussing on only practical skills in 1 or 2 materials or specialities?

Does your school undervalue your learning area and make it difficult for you to resource and deliver your curriculum the way you know they should?  Pater Murphy

Are your class lists usually topped up with students who have no interest in your subject, but were considered unsuitable for other classes?

These misconceptions of Design and Technologies are in complete contrast to the high regard society has for all things ‘design’. Not to mention that we live in a dynamic technology-driven world where new advances are having incredible effects on every area of society.

Our response to this situation has been to launch, promote and support a national Design and Technologies Week, which is our opportunity to challenge the misconceptions that still plague our valuable area of study. This week is your time to showcase the creative, innovative and challenging work that your students have been engaged in. It is something that other subjects have done well for years and it is time that we had louder voice to shout about what we really do and how our students benefit from our approaches to creative problem solving and increasing involvement in newly identified fields such as STEM.

This website has been created to help you and your faculty by making available lots of ideas and resources for you to implement at your school during the week. We envisage lots of extra-curricular activities for all of our specialist areas, including Makerspaces, which have proved to be incredibly popular with students, schools and families. We also have examples of Design and Technology-themed lessons that can be delivered in other subject areas such as Maths, English, Humanities and Science, ensuring that your whole school will be immersed in our complex, creative and challenging area of learning.

We need your support to ensure that our national week of Design and Technologies is such a success that it continues to grows every year. I’m certain we can change many minds about the value of our efforts and hopefully a change in perception will bring a range of rewards including more understanding and support from our schools leadership teams, improved uptake of our subjects with encouragement from parents and more engagement of our students who can clearly link what we do in class to what they may do in the future.

Australia and the world need creative problem solvers, that's what we deliver!

Thanks for getting involved.


Peter Murphy

President of DATTA Australia