Some fun and engaging activities for outside of the classroom, at lunchtime, after school or at the weekend...



Design and Technology Information Night

A great way to change perceptions of Design and Technology is to hold an information night at your school for students and parents. Learn more about how to host a successful and fun info night here.


Project Ideas

Makerspaces - incredibly popular events for students and your local community! 
Create the Future - Get Your School Making! - a wonderful resource from Digipubs
ABC Splash - Robotics- a great collection of videos on robotics with some targeted at primaries
The James Dyson Foundation has a wonderful range of challenges and projects for schools at all levels on design engineering (UK)
Balloon-Powered Car by Questacon
* The HomeSchool Scientist - 100 Engineering Projects (US)
The Design Challenge Teaching Ideas by Griffith University
Music and Sound by Questacon
Corrugated Paper by Questacon
How to Teach...Robots by the Guardian (UK)
Designing & Making with Textiles by the Nuffield Foundation (UK)
Designing & Making with Textiles for Year 1 by the Nuffield Foundation (UK)
Primary Technology Using Stories from History by the Association for Science Education (UK)
How to make your own LED tilt lamp
Controlling Movement Using a Computer by the Nuffield Foundation (UK)
What Music Would you Like to Make? by the Nuffield Foundation (UK)
* A display of your students' VCE SAT work



Engineers Without Borders about their School Outreach program (Secondary)
Robogals about their in-school workshops (Primary)


Design & Technology Videos to show your students

Primary and Middle School





 Senior Secondary