Design & Technology class activities

We have created and sourced a range of class-based activities which you can run throughout your school during Design & Technology Week. 



Challenge your students design and technology knowledge with these five quick quizzes (and answers)

MONDAY - Questions and Answers

TUESDAY - Questions and Answers

WEDNESDAY - Questions and Answers

THURSDAY - Questions and Answers

FRIDAY - Questions and Answers


Short Design Development Activities (Primary and Secondary)

Download these wonderful projects to be run in classes of one or two periods or as extension activities. 

Design a Bike Helmet

Design a Car

Design an Epipen

Design a Lunch Container

Design a Mobile Phone

Design a Play Tent

Design a Radio

Design a USB Hub

Design a Wonder Torch



Cross-curricular Lesson Plans (Secondary)

Disrupt your whole school with these fun design activites for English, Maths, Science and Humanities classes! Full lesson plans are included to help your colleagues deliver these short activites.

* English (Creative Writing) - Robot Design Lesson Plan and Robot Design

Maths (Ratios)- Fortress Lesson Plan and Fortress Design


Makerspace (Primary and Secondary)

Makerspaces are incredibly popular events for students and your local community!  Click Here for more information.

You can also watch educator Zeina Chalich discuss Makerspaces for ABC Splash's STEM Teacher Talks series, with links to invaluable resources! 


So You Think You Can Design Competition (Secondary)

SYTYCD is DATTA's National student design competition. Each year, schools from throughout Australia compete in a range of design challenges. Include some of these challenges below into your activites during Design and Technology Week. Your students could sketch, make or use CAD to deliver their ideas.

* Design a product to help elderly people

* Design a desk lamp for a product designer’s office

* Redesign the Ericofon

* Redesign a power board to make it a displayable object

* Design a trophy for So You Think You Can Design

* Design a novelty USB hub

* Design an audio visual guide for a film museum

* Design an epipen for kids

* Design a new trophy for the World Cup

* Design a wearable medical device

* Design an electric vehicle for teenagers

* Design a futuristic playground

* Design a Ned Kelly-inspired smart helmet for emergency services

* Design a companion robot for teenagers



ABC's War on Waste series - these clips aim to inspire you to solve one of the waste problems in Australian homes, schools, streets and oceans. They also have a wonderful page on using project-based learning to solve the war on waste. Great for brainstorming creative solutions!

The Engineers Without Borders Challenge

Engineers Without Borders Australia and the UNHCR developed the EWB Challenge for University design & engineering students.  The challenge looked at developing engineering and technological solutions to contribute towards sustainable community development and alleviating poverty.  See their awards page for more information about the amazing solutions of past challenge winners to solving real global problems.


Let Trash Puppets show you how to rethink your 'trash'!  



Turning Waste into Animals How one artist in Queensland uses rubbish found on beaches to create beautiful and thought provoking artworks.


The Day of STEM (Secondary)

The Day of STEM is an online activity, designed by Lifejouney to be run in a single day, that enables students to test-drive their future by living a day in the life of STEM leaders. Click HERE to find out more.




Design, Make, Think - Primary Design & Technologies (Primary)

Design, Make, Think - Primary Design & Technologies is DATTA Vic's current program supporting primary teachers to implement the new F-10 Design & Technologies curriculum, as well as offering a healthy dose of inspiration and a wide range of ideas to get our young children creating!

Click HERE for curriculum information, lesson plans, essential links and even a book list for your school library!


Other places to look...


High-Low Tech

High-Low Tech was a research group at the MIT Media Lab from 2009-2014. Their aim was to engage diverse audiences in designing and building their own technologies by situating computation in new cultural and material contexts, and by developing tools that democratize engineering. Check out their amazing and FREE resources on their website!


The James Dyson Foundation - UK (Primary & Secondary) 

There are a wealth of design & engineering-based activities for primary and secondary students in this fantastic website.



Questacon's newly launched resources page includes their Cycle of Innovation video which describes the process underpinning design thinking. 


More Design Technology resources are available on the FUSE website.


Check out TEDx Talks on youtube for lots of design in education videos!



Decorate your Workshops with these posters of Design and Technology Legends, thanks to Grant Byrne from NSW.