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"Design thinking has been identified as one of the top skills demanded by employers of the future. Monash Univesity Art Design & Architecture is excited to be hosting workshops during Design and Technology Week that will show participants how combining creativity with critical thinking can help find tangible, measurable solutions to complex problems."












SolarBuddy are delighted to be partnering with DATTA for this years Design and Technology week. As part of the week, students will be able to assemble a SolarBuddy and learn about the technical aspects of the product.

SolarBuddy’s school program combines learning and education with practical solutions to an urgent problem. It has been specifically designed to help Australian students learn about energy poverty and its limitations, the science of renewable energy, and how a simple solution - like a solar light - can make a big difference. As part of their Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) studies, Australian students assemble a solar light and write a personal letter to a students living in communities impacted by energy poverty.

Our program helps students broaden their awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by others around the world. The provision of a SolarBuddy solar light enables children living in energy poverty to
complete their homework after dark, improves their health by reducing a reliance on toxic kerosene, and helps keep them safe. 

If your school would like to be involved in our innovative program, please fill out the order form which can be downloaded here and email to Once SolarBuddy receive your order form, you will gain accessto all of their education resources and an invoice for your purchase.

Please ensure you place your order 8 weeks prior to D&T Week to ensure time for them to be paid and sent to your school.